Why You Have To Choose A Place To Get Married in The Surga Villa Estate ?

For those of you who will tie a sacred promise with your partner, of course you want a venue to support sacred moments. Because marriage only happens once in a lifetime, so he wants to be memorable and always be remembered. You can designate the island of Bali to host a warm and romantic wedding. There are several places to get married in Bali, one of which is Bali Wedding Venue The Surga. The following is an overview of the advantages of this best venue.

Get the Best Marriage of a Lifetime

1. Directly Facing the Beach

Located in Uluwatu makes Villa The Surga, offers a beach impression at a glance. Not to mention that it is located right above Melasti Beach, so the panorama looks neat when seen from the villa balcony. You can arrange the concept of an outdoor wedding, which is directly facing the beach. In addition, you can present a background in the form of a sunset view.

Located at the top of a hill, allowing you to have a wedding party like being in heaven. So that you can have a moment to tie a sacred promise that is sacred and romantic. This is the reason why prospective brides often choose where to get married in Bali. Apart from the memorable atmosphere, you can enjoy the most beautiful panoramas directly from the Island of the Gods.

2. Adequate Facilities

Villa The Surga offers many classy facilities, which are still in touch with foreign styles. But that doesn’t mean the price is expensive, the rental offer is in accordance with the available budget. Almost every room for weddings has a wide capacity. So that it can accommodate more than 100 invited guests, without the need to jostle. Showing its own comfort for the guests who attend this sacred event.

In addition, other facilities are also adequate for each other, including an entertainment area that can be enjoyed by all ages. One of them is a kids playground which is safe for small children to use. So that guests who bring toddlers don’t have to worry about them being fussy during the wedding ceremony. This wedding venue in Bali also provides a wedding planner team, who are ready to assist your wedding.

3. Very Delicious Catering Menu

Catering is an element in a wedding that cannot be missed. This is also provided by Villa The Surga, which provides a delicious food and drink menu. There are various menus that you can present to invited guests. Ranging from Western to Chinese cuisine styles, which are both served by skilled chefs.

Choosing a wedding venue at Villa The Surga is guaranteed not to hurt. It is precisely this sacred moment that will last a lifetime for the bride and groom. By presenting a beach venue, you can realize the concept of an outdoor wedding. Besides that, you can make the sunset panorama as the most romantic wedding photo background. No need to worry about price, because it can still be adjusted to the available budget.

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